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Barb Hodgens
Barb Hodgens

Barb Hodgens ama cucinare piatti alternativi, sani e naturali con particolare attenzione alla salute dell’intestino ed alle diete SCD e GAPS. Barbs è stata inoltre in grado di superare i suoi problemi di salute intestinale tramite il proprio percorso d’alimentazione alternativa. Non esitare a condividere le tue idee, commenti e foto alla fine di questo post :)

dehydrated salt and vinegar zucchini chips

A craveable, crispy, low-carb veggie snack

Making veggie chips is an excellent way to use up all those zucchinis (courgettes), which can grow prolifically and oversize in your garden. Even if you are not a gardener, buying zucchini for the exact purpose of making chips is highly recommended and so much healthier than the standard store-bought potato chip.

If you love to snack on something crispy and salty than these dehydrated salt & vinegar zucchini chips will hit the spot. They are healthy enough to eat by the handful and delicious enough to be craveable!

The key to creating the perfect zucchini chip is in the thickness that you slice. We started with raw zucchini and sliced ours 2 mm thick using a mandolin and the result is crispy! You can eat zucchini chips by the handful or serve them as an appetiser alongside dips or as a crunchy garnish to top a meal.

dehydrated salt and vinegar zucchini chips



3-4 large zucchini
¼ cup vinegar (we used a combination of balsamic & apple cider vinegar)

1  tablespoon of olive oil
1/2 teaspoon salt plus more to sprinkle

dehydrated salt and vinegar zucchini chips


1.   Wash the zucchini
2.   Slice the zucchini as thin as possible. We recommend using a mandolin, but you can use a knife. Just make sure you slice thin and an even thickness.

3.   In a small bowl combine oil, vinegar and salt.
4.   Transfer the sliced zucchini to the bowl and toss to coat.
5.   Let the zucchini sit in the bowl for 10 mins to absorb the vinegar. Toss once or twice to ensure they are thoroughly coated.

dehydrated zucchini chips

   Lay the slices on the Breeze dehydrator trays. The zucchini slices will dehydrate and shrink to less than half their size, so it’s possible to arrange the slices close together, just don’t overlap or stack.
7.   Sprinkle with extra salt

8.   Set the Breeze dehydrator to 75°C and the timer to 8 hours. At this temperature zucchini should dehydrate between 8-11 hours depending on the thickness of your slices and the humidity on the day. 
9.   The zucchini chips are done when they are crisp.
10.  Store the chips in an airtight container in a cool place. 

You might also like to try dehydrated sweet potato chips or beetroot chips with rosemary salt.


dehydrated salt and vinegar zucchini chips