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Barb Hodgens

Barb Hodgens loves to cook with alternative, healthy whole food ingredients, with a focus on gut health. Barb has overcome her own gut health issues through healthy eating. Share your ideas, comments and photos at the end of this post :)

coconut flour pancakes

Naturally sweet and full of protein and fibre.

These delightfully fluffy coconut flour pancakes are a healthy breakfast or brunch for anyone eating a low carb, paleo, SCD, gluten or nut-free diet. For those not following a specific diet, there’s absolutely no reason why you won’t love them too!

Coconut flour is exactly what it sounds —flour that’s made from ground coconut pulp. We show you how to make it at home here. It’s a fantastic substitute for regular wheat flour. It has great texture, is high in protein and fibre and is naturally sweeter than other flours. If you are new to baking with coconut flour, there are a few things you need to know before you set out to make these pancakes.

Coconut flour is not like any other gluten free flour. It’s very dry so recipes require a lot of liquid ingredients to compensate. Plenty of eggs are essential for binding. With all that liquid and no gluten, coconut flour pancakes are delicate. They’re super easy to make but flipping them can be tricky. We recommend making them small, so that it's easy to turn them.  

coconut flour pancakes

The batter can be whipped up by hand but a burst in the Vibe Blender jug creates an aerated, fine consistency that can’t be achieved with elbow power alone.  

The brand of coconut flour you use, the fat content in your coconut milk and the size of the eggs all contribute to batter inconsistencies. Don’t be too worried if it seems too thin. After blending, allow the batter to rest for a few minutes for the coconut flour to fully absorb the liquid and thicken up. 

coconut flour pancakes



Pancake batter
4 eggs
¾ cup coconut milk (well blended)
2 teaspoons honey or maple syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 teaspoons lemon juice
½ cup (45 grams) coconut flour
¼ teaspoon bicarb soda
Pinch of salt
Ghee, butter or coconut oil for cooking

Lemon butter
2 tablespoons of butter softened at room temperature
Zest of ½ lemon
Juice of 1 lemon – approx. 2 tablespoons
½ teaspoon of honey or maple syrup or more to taste


1.   Add the batter ingredients into the blender jug in the order listed.
2.   Blend on ‘smoothie’ mode for 20 seconds then stop and scrape down the sides to ensure the ingredients are incorporated then blend for another 20 seconds.
3.   Let the batter sit for a few minutes to thicken up.
4.   If the batter is too thin after 3 minutes resting, add a teaspoon of coconut flour and blend again.
5.   Heat a pan, skillet or crepe maker to a steady low heat.
6.   Coat the pan with a small amount of oil of your choice.
7.   Spoon the batter into the pan and spread into shape. Smaller pancakes are easier to flip.

coconut flour pancakes

   Coconut flour batter may not form bubbles to indicate they need turning, so be careful they don’t burn. Carefully check the underside of your pancake before flipping and use a thin, flexible spatula – or maybe 2 spatulas if they seem extra fragile.
9.   To make the lemon butter, simply mix all the ingredients in a small bowl.

10.  Serve the pancakes with lemon butter or any of your usual favourite pancake toppings.
11.  Keep leftovers in the fridge for up to 3 days.
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If you make this, or any of our recipes, we would love to see your creations. Leave us a comment, or tag a photo using #luvelelife on Instagram.


coconut flour pancakes